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Summit County Colorado Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) Volunteers Wanted

Monday, October 21st, 2013

The Summit County Colorado Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) was founded in early 2012 with four active members. Almost two years later, there are still just the same four active members.

The following is posted in an effort to help people realize how easy it is to become a licensed amateur radio operator:

The primary training materials for HAM licensing come from ARRL and are available through local libraries. Technician, General, and Extra class license manuals all come with exam review/study guide software on CD-R.

This software includes the current and complete question pools for each licensing exam along with answers and explanations for them!

There are also two free apps for android that are similar to the ARRL software: Ham Radio Study & Ham Test Prep. Both also use the complete and current set of questions and answers and can be set for Tech, General, and/or Extra.

Ham Radio Study chooses questions at random and tracks which you get right and wrong. Questions answered correctly get removed from the set. Questions not answered correctly remain in the set and you see them again until you do get them right. It is like having a set of question pool flash cards on your phone!

Ham Test Prep generates mock exams by randomly pulling the appropriate number of questions from each section of the question pool. And it grades for you as you go.

The ARRL exam review/study guide software is even better than both apps combined because it does everything they do, with Q&A explanations, and it let’s you flag specific questions for later study.

How much easier could it be? You can get the complete set of questions that will be used on your exam, all the answers to the questions, and explanations for all of the answers…all for free!

2013-14 Summit County Ski Season off to a good start

Thursday, October 17th, 2013

It has been cold and snowing on and off all month.  Loveland Ski area opened today.  Arapahoe Basin opened last weekend.  And these are the projected opening days for other local ski resorts:

Keystone:  Friday, November 1
Breckenridge:  Friday, November 8
Vail:  Friday, November 22
Beaver Creek:  Wednesday, November 27