Let it Snow!

February 2009 was the driest February on record for Colorado.  And to make matters worse for the ski areas, the National Weather Service is forecasting that March is expected to be warmer than average with less than average precipitation.  During the first week of March, high temperature records have already been broken.  And more such records are expected to be broken later in the week.

Of course none of this is good news for the Colorado ski areas, rental property owners, ski town merchants, or anyone who just wants to get some powder turns in.

But this could mean an early start to the summer season in the high country.  Summer never seems to last very long up here and I for one would not mind getting another month of biking and boating in this year.  People are already playing golf in Denver which hit a record high temp of 74 degrees today.

The ski season started out well and snow pack is now about average for this time of year.  And some of our snowiest springs have followed very dry mid seasons.  So check back and I will keep you posted if we do get any big storms…

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