Breckenridge Ski School ’10-’11 Holiday Calendar

Consistently rated in the top 10 by Ski Magazine, and other leading industry publications, Breckenridge Colorado is one of the world’s premier winter resort destinations. And with annual skier/snowboarder visits consistently in the 1+ million range, chairlift lines can be an issue for some snow sliding guests during the days of peak visitation.

It is during these times of year that the luxury of using the lift access areas set aside for the exclusive use of Breckenridge Ski School customers takes on added value. The dates expected to be particularly busy at the Breckenridge Ski Resort during the 2010-2011 winter season are as follows:

Nov 25, Dec 19-21 and 26-31, Jan 1 and 14-15, Feb 18-24, Mar 13-17 and 20-23, Apr 18-19.

These dates are clustered around national holidays as well as the scheduled winter and spring breaks of colleges and high schools throughout the United States. Therefore, these peak traffic dates can be expected to apply somewhat to all of the destination ski resorts around the USA, not just those in Summit County Colorado.

As these are also the times of year when private ski and snowboard lessons are at their highest demand, it is best to reserve such lessons well ahead of time whenever possible. Otherwise, there is always the chance that instructors may not be available for the desired date(s) and time(s). Private ski and snowboard lesson reservations should typically be made once travel and lodging booking have been made.

Private ski and snowboard lessons have several advantages over group instruction, all of which revolve around the fact that they are customized sessions uniquely tailored to each individual. This allows for accelerated learning as well as increased flexibility of lesson plans and skiing and snowboarding experiences. For example, friends and families which hire their own private instructor are able to keep individuals of various ages and abilities together during the session.

On the other hand, group lessons allow guests the opportunity to meet other snow sport enthusiasts of similar abilities and ages.

Guests who do not wish to participate in a ski or snowboard lessons, but who still want to to their best to avoid the longest lift-lines of the day, would be well served by planning to load the chairlift during off peak traffic times of the day. The times of day when the most people are approaching the chairlifts is typically when the group ski and snowboard lessons are just getting started in the morning and right after their lunch break. For the Breckenridge Ski School, these times are 10am and 1:30pm. Even during the busiest times of year, chair-lift lines are rarely much of a factor prior to 9:30am, between 11:30am and 1pm, and after 2pm.

And whether taking lessons or not, eat a big (and nutritious!) breakfast before coming to the ski area, pack a light lunch and some water, and avoid the peak cafeteria and restaurant crowds between noon and 1:30pm.

Copyright 2010 – All rights reserved by Ted Amenta, Breckenridge Ski School ski and snowboard instructor.
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Ted Amenta is a Children’s Specialist II accredited PSIA Level III and AASI Level II certified Breckenridge Ski School ski and snowboard instructor as well as a Breckenridge Real Estate company Owner/Broker.

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