Summit County Colorado Real Estate Sales

Summit County Real Estate Market Data

One of the most common questions asked by potential Buyers and Sellers of Summit County real estate is "how is the market doing?". The following information is provided by a variety of sources and seeks to answer this general question.

Most of this market data is assembled in the aggregate (i.e. totals, averages, trends, etc.).

Determining the fair market value of any specific property at any given point in time requires comparing it to the most recent sales and current listings of comparable properties. Contact us for such an analysis and visit our blog for periodic articles based on the data below.

Land Title Guarantee Company Data

Land Title is one of the largest and longest operating closing companies in Colorado. They have Summit County offices in Breckenridge, Frisco, and Dillon. They also have about 40 other offices throughout Colorado and customers are able to sign Closing documents at any of their locations, regardless of where the property is that they are buying or selling.

July Summit County Real Estate Market Analysis

July 2017 Highlights:

Colorado Resort Real Estate Market Data

For those interested in the broader Colorado resort real estate market, we'd like to share some valuable information on the real estate market in seven of our Colorado mountain communities of Breckenridge (Summit County), Aspen (Pitkin County), Steamboat Springs (Routt County), Glenwood Springs (Garfield County), Winter Park (Grand County), Vail (Eagle County), and Telluride (San Miguel County).

Mountain Resorts Q2 Analysis

2016 Second Quarter Highlights from the Seven Counties:

Summit County Q2 Analysis

Eagle County Q2 Analysis

Garfield County Q2 Analysis

Grand County Q2 Analysis

Pitkin County Q2 Analysis

Routt County Q2 Analysis

San Miguel County Q2 Analysis

Historical Summit County Real Estate Market Data

Summit County real estate charts, table and graphs going back as much as 27 years.

27 Year Summit County Residential Real Estate Average Price Graph

27 Year Residential Appreciation Index

27 Year Residential Gross Sales Volume Index

Summary Table of Residential and Vacant Land Sales

Residential Summit County Real Estate Sales   Vacant Land Summit County Real Estate Sales
Year Number of Sales Total Sales Volume Avg. Sales Price
2000 2004 $664,519,762 $329,950
2001 1576 $561,786,892 $340,890
2002 1637 $547,054,487 $322,936
2003 2046 $713,796,058 $337,492
2004 2138 $769,929,715 $355,298
2005 2427 $974,474,146 $404,346
2006 2472 $1,151,990,741 $467,529
2007 2145 $1,187,703,068 $553,708
2008 1215 $745,230,957 $615,893
2009 919 $562,548,024 $612,797
2010 1006 $574,229,707 $567,421
2011 1110 $572,090,704 $516,327
2012 1310 $682,753,676 $522,382
2013 1530 $763,993,288 $494,494
2014 1689 $873,826,002 $521,065
2015Q1 269    
Year Number of Sales Total Sales Volume Avg. Sales Price
2000 338 $78,453,205 $232,110
2001 220 $51,517,664 $234,171
2002 232 $51,592,308 $233,449
2003 243 $64,729,837 $266,378
2004 344 $79,010,875 $229,683
2005 437 $141,920,462 $324,761
2006 394 $123,940,340 $314,569
2007 313 $125,493,527 $400,938
2008 136 $67,146,196 $493,722
2009 68 $22,129,380 $325,432
2010 87 $25,125,985 $292,163
2011 83 $24,105,004 $290,422
2012 118 $38,997,330 $330,486
2013 106 $34,104,245 $321,738
2014 121 $39,321,750 $324,973

Raw Summit County Real Estate Sales Data

Below you will find Summit County real estate sales information dating back to Jan 01, 2000 in tab delimited text tables. There are some occasional errors and omissions in this information. For example, some properties indicate square footages equal to "0". Also, Summit County real estate sales by "For Sale By Owner" may not be represented here. Effort has been made to eliminate most of the timeshares, partial ownership's, etc. As part of this effort, properties priced under $100K have been removed. Some condos indicate lot information which is typically a result of the building and unit numbers being entered in the wrong place. And there may be other errors and omissions as well.

The links below will direct you to Tab Delimited text files which are intended to be opened with a spreadsheet program such as MS Excel. To do so, right click on a link and save the link target to your hard drive. Then open it with the program of your choice.

Summit County Residential Real Estate

Summit County Vacant Land