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Development Approach

We view real estate development as a "simultaneous equation," in which we solve for concept-vision, market, physical and financial feasibility at the same time. Unique among real estate consultants, Amenta&Co has an ability to undertake each of these pieces of work in-house. Specifically, we:

- "author" a proprietary market analysis designed to enable executive-level policy decisions about retail concept, price point, and tenant mix;

- "overlay" a conceptual design for retail, based on the market demand, illustrating a comprehensive leasing - marketing plan;

- "underwrite" the financial feasibility of the retail components, calculating the rent that tenants could pay as a function of sales that they can be expected to achieve, as well as calculating development budgets and operating statements; and

- "translate" the business terms of the deals into documents that will enable effective tenant negotiations and successful long-term operation of the project's retail component.


Our retail leasing is always based on a conceptual program we first author, articulating the merchandise and tenant mix, providing creative direction, and preparing the leasing and marketing tools required to implement the development. We do not simply lease vacant space to the first tenant-at-hand. We are acknowledged as preeminent in this approach.