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Lenin Square
Dneipetrovosk, Ukraine

In 2005, an investor invited Mr. Amenta visited Russia and Ukraine to evaluate development opportunities for shopping centers, lodging and luxury residential development. One result is the ongoing assignment to redesign Lenin Square and a shopping center to be located below. Dnipropetrovosk was founded in 1783 along the Dnieper River as an expansion of the Russian Empire. Presently, the city offers little modernized hotels and shops, mostly located in the central city.

Lenin Square is of ceremonial, cultural, transportation and urban design importance within the city, located on Karl


Marx Boulevard and fronted by government buildings and the former Soviet department store. The redesign incorporates sculpture in the manner of Kenneth Snelson, identifying the shopping center from a distance but not intruding into the line-of-site of the monumental Lenin statue.

This 30,000 m2 urban shopping center appeals to transit riders, daytime employees and city residents. Lenin Square is comprised of a hypermarket, restaurants, entertainment, and better women’s apparel.


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