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Listowel Circus
Kerry, Ireland

In 2006, the Corridan family retained Mr. Amenta to design several arrangements of townhouses, lodging and structured parking on land owned by the family in Listowel, Ireland.  Listowel is a market town of 4,000, known as the literary center of Ireland.  Shops and apartments lead along streets to a fort and a central square that holds two stone churches.  Traffic along N69 increasingly disrupts the quality of life and produces congestion and a demand for parking threatening the urban fabric of the town.

Generations of the Corridan family had acquired numerous


parcels facing the town square and streets and potentially connecting a 12-acre open field immediately adjacent to the town square.  This assembly of disparate parcels presents the possibility of re-routing traffic, providing additional parking and for providing the family to plan a unified development.

These program uses were to be connected via pedestrian passage lined with shopping to assist in mitigating the auto congestion and simultaneously utilizing the largest parcel for compatible and sustainable land uses.


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