Selling Real Estate in Summit County

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Today potential real estate buyers search the internet when looking for a property as well as contacting a real estate Broker. This site ranks well in all of the major search engines for all of the most relevant key phrases pertaining to Summit County Colorado real estate.

As well as being featured on this web site, all of our listings are also posted on the List Hub network of real estate listing search sites including:

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We also permit all other real estate agents throughout Summit County to include our real estate listings on their personal web sites through a real estate search service similar to the one accessible by clicking on the sidebar at the top of this page.

If there are any other worthwhile real estate listing sites which you can suggest, let us know and we will look into putting your property information on them for you. Please note: many other sites you might think of (yahoo, excite, infospace, infoseek, etc.) already draw their information from one or more of the sites listed above.

Other means we use to market real estate include (with your permission) but are not limited to:

Contact us for a free Competitive Market Analysis to help you determine the most effective listing price for your property.

1031 Tax deferred Exchange

Many properties in Summit County qualify as "Investment Properties" and therefore qualify for special tax consideration when sold and another like-kind investment property is purchased with the proceeds from the sale of the first. This is known as a 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange.

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