Amenta&Co provides the design professional with credible programming based on our actual development experience in land, retail, office, hotel and resort uses. We provide institutions with development management and leasing/marketing services. We also develop real estate for our own interest.

Lateral thinking is the prerequisite for simultaneous design, programming and pro forma analysis. Tenacity is the prerequisite for construction management and deal making.

It is at the conceptual stage in real estate where extraordinary futures can be envisioned. It is also at the conceptual stage in real estate where the clay feet of erroneous thinking can become irrevocably planted beneath colossal misconstructions. To discriminate between potential fortune and future folly requires seasoned experience.

Individual real estate projects require immense resources of material and effort. Underlying assumptions therefore need to be questioned while the boundaries of design are pushed to their limits. Concepts need to be measures by experience with completed work; the only valid measure of a professional.

The final success in real estate is to discover the virtues, uniquely inherent in each property and match these with the client's objectives and the aspirations of the market.



















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Development Management

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